About us

Nautica Imperia Services was created by Alessandro Dolla in 2007 upon noting the development of the marina and the arrival of numerous vessels.

Initially managed by Giancarlo and Alessandro, the agency was bolstered in 2012 by the addition of Lucia Abrate who swiftly demonstrated the passion and ability to handle the role of operations and accounts manager as well as PR with owners, captains and crew.

The goal of NIS is to provide high quality service to facilitate life on board and on land for owners, captains and crews.

Today our offer is expanding in the field of yacht brokerage. Thanks to our professional and dedicated staff, service is always available in English, French and Spanish.

Lucia Abrate
Lucia Abratesole administrator
Passionate about the yachting industry
She manages customer relations and assist clients in their every request.
Giancarlo Dolla
Experienced skipper with a passion for speed boats , he has been working in the yachting industry since 1973.