Our agency Nautica Imperia Services provides a broad range of services and can meet any requirement in the area of consulting as well as operations.

We provide/coordinate the following services on board

Shipyard and technical assistance

Thanks to the direct experience developed in the shipyard industry, we are able to assist our customers on any problem, repair, service or spare parts supply.

Outstanding technical service is ensured by our company’s long-standing partnership with reputable shipyards in Italy and France.

Our technicians are specialized in mechanic, engineering, electronic, metal carpentry, teak decking, rigging, painting.

Additionally we have some excellent nautical upholsterers and sailmakers.

Maritime procedures, marina reservations, quay assistance.

We can handle all the formalities related to arrival and departure, custom clearances, crew support, berth booking and organize the collection and disposal of grey and black water.

Certifications renewal and transfer of ownership.

Safety certificates renewal , Rina surveys, registrations, service of rafts and fire-fighting equipment , transfer of ownership and change of flags are all handled by our experts.

Provisioning, catering and flowers

Our suppliers are professionals in the food and wine industries, they provide premium or niche products capable of creating a unique and emotional experience.
The Riviera dei Fiori , as its name suggests, is known for its long tradition in the field of floristry.
Our florist artists are skilled at creating exquisite bouquets using only the finest flowers in order to add a touch of elegance to your interiors.

Hospitality services

We can help you with hotels booking, taxis, restaurants, travel, private transfers, events , language support all on a 24/7 basis.


We offer interior cleaning, boat washing, stainless steel polishing as well as laundry/dry cleaning , carpet and cushions cleaning.


On request, we may provide bunkering services.


We can organize your shipments via express courier or international postal services, receive and deliver your mail, provide storage and warehousing solutions.